Ostaria Tyrol

We add taste to your holiday

The tradition of Ladin cuisine, mixed with the passion for good things, have always been fundamental in our family.

An Ostaria is a place where there are always a good dish and a smile to welcome you: that’s why we decided to call ourselves that.
Tyrol is the historical name of the restaurant and it also recalls our style: wooden furniture, simple but with attention to detail. An example of it are our friendship table and our chairs with intertwined branches, or even the dishes that come out our kitchen.

Simplicity and sophistication are mixed together in our dishes, thanks to our young and passionate cooking team led by our chef . Local and Trentino raw materials presented at their best, thanks to the way they are proposed and reworked. Homemade pasta and desserts, meat and cheeses from our region, as well as genuine evergreen Ladin recipes that will leave a mark on your palate, but above all in your memories.

  • Closing day: Tuesday (except during summer and Christmas holidays).
  • Closing period: October, November, April (after Easter) and May.

If you have any questions, please call 0462 573760