Chef recommends

Menu and off menu

Everything that comes out of our kitchen is homemade. And this could already be enough to convince you.

Our Chef Enkele loves to amaze our guests with different dishes according to the season, which are added to the great classics of Ostaria.

The proposals of the day are written on a blackboard. Ossobuchi with polenta, tripe, pasta with beans and mussels are just a few examples.

Permanent on the menu are the Ostaria dish with polenta and melted cheese, our homemade pasta seasoned with mushrooms, game or mountain herbs according to the season.

Do not miss the freshwater fish dishes, such as the organic trout from a small farm near Moena, the legendary cheese and salami platters available at any hour, or our homemade ice cream made with farm milk.

To the seasonal menu are added our special occasion dishes, all to be enjoyed by our guests!