Post Hotel Moena

Where there is always a warm welcome

We are a family-run hotel located in the center of Moena, at the foot of the Fassa Dolomites. We pay great attention to detail and are constantly looking for new original ideas, but this might not be enough information to decide on a place where to spend your holiday.

This is why we want to tell you a little bit more about our family. Homes are made by people, and we like to see our hotel as a home, ours, which we hope will become yours too, even if just for a few days.

Here at Post Hotel Moena, mom Lucia and dad Simone started their adventure 40 years ago, leaving the witness to us children, Antonella and Michelangelo, who have always been looking for new inputs, but still remaining faithful to family tradition. We rolled up our sleeves and worked hard over the years. We started learning the art of hospitality at a very young age, driven by passion and the constant desire of improvement.
The result?

If you are looking for a fancy structure, we are certainly not your case. But if want to feel at home, wake up to a tasty farm-to-table breakfast and savour the taste of Ladin cuisine, then you are in the right place. Here our 15 suites are much more than just rooms to sleep in, they become a place where to live and fully enjoy your vacation.
This is Post Hotel Moena, a place where past and present meet, where the services we want to offer are first and foremost kindness, simplicity, a smile, and feeling like at home, or even better.

Suites and much more

Do you want the convenience of a hotel, without giving up the freedom of having breakfast in your room at your preferred time? Are you looking for a spacious room where everyone can have their own rhythm and freedom? Enjoy our suites (family suites available) that allow you to have quality time and relax in a living room with large spaces, where you can enjoy your tasty farm-to-table breakfast. If you are looking for total autonomy with the right dose of comfort, our apartments can make your case.

Capodanno in Ostaria

Dove inizierà il tuo 2020? O forse sarebbe meglio concentrarsi sul come dare il via a questo nuovo decennio? Se sei alla ricerca di qualcosa di informale, ma allo stesso tempo curato nei dettagli, che non dimentica la tradizione ma strizza l’occhio all’innovazione, se vuoi goderti la festa di paese in Val di Fassa, ma non sei per i luoghi troppo grandi e affollati, la nostra Ostaria Tyrol ha gli ingredienti necessari per farti trascorrere una serata in compagnia senza eccessi, ma puntando alla qualità per un Capodanno traditional chic.

Ostaria Tyrol, gourmet cuisine that tastes like home

Our aim is to translate your desire of good food into a high quality taste experience thanks to our cuisine that combines semplicity and refinement. All this is possible thanks to our team that loves to select fresh raw materials and to try new dishes without forgetting the core of our Ladin culinary traditions.
A place where you can try new flavours or redescover old savors feeling like home.

Everything at a glance

Exiting Post Hotel Moena you will be on the square, right in the heart of Moena’s pedestrian area with its nice shops, bars, pastry shops, restaurants and all the main services at your fingertips. Our guides are ready to make you holiday unforgettable: ski instructors and local guides in the hotel to reveal to you the secrets of trails and ski slopes. A completely stress-free holiday, that is what you are looking for, isn’t it?!

Tips for your green holiday

Moena is not just a mountain village at the foot of the Fassa Dolomites. It is a place where you can enjoy a green holiday, forget about your car and rediscover the pleasure of walking through the village and find its suggestive corners. Moena is full of culture and traditions, from craftsmanship to the Ladin cuisine, which you can experience in Post Hotel Moena and in its surroundings. There is so much to discover here in Val di Fassa and we will be happy to give you our advice.

Our facilities in Moena